Family Coaching

Research has shown that attendance is key to school success; however, poor school attendance among children whose parents have limited income, can have an even greater impact on their ability to be successful in school. To help address this need among children 5-13 years old, Model Cities offers the Family Coaching program.

The Family Coaching program – a short-term supportive service for families with children ages 5-13 years’ old live in the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood and who are experiencing issues with school attendance. The main goal of the Family Coaching program is to reduce the rate of chronic absenteeism among school age children, while also supporting the needs of the family. “Family Coaches” are skilled individuals who are able to offer support and experience that help families address barriers that may be negatively impacting their child’s attendance at school.


The Family Coaching program is carried out in partnership with the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood (SPPN) is a transformative education initiative that brings together families, schools, public agencies, and the community to change the odds for a generation of children. SPPN uses education as a tool to end multi-generational poverty in the Frogtown and Summit-University neighborhoods by creating early pathways of opportunities leading to college and career success.


Services provided by Family Coaches include the following:


  • Up to six months of individualized coaching and support for families;


  • Supporting parents/caregivers with understanding school attendance laws;


  • Connecting and/or reconnecting children to educational opportunities (e.g. school tutoring, afterschool programming etc..) that support academic success;


  • Assisting children and their families with accessing structured cultural and recreational activities within their community;


  • Referrals for community-based services such as food and basic housing needs, mental health services, long-term case management etc…).


Manager of Youth Services