Safe Space Shelter


Safe Space Shelter opened in November 2019 through a partnership with Model Cities and Ramsey County, and it expanded on our mission of creating pathways towards a better community by working to create a simple, effective emergency shelter for those in need.


The shelter is located at the Ramsey County Government Building at 160 East Kellogg Boulevard in St. Paul, has 64 beds, and operates overnight from 10:00pm to 9:00am the next morning, every day. In 2020, Safe Space Shelter served approximately 500 individuals each month and an average of 53 people each night.


The Safe Space Shelter has also recently expanded to some day-time services such as a limited storage locker program or those in need of more longer term assistance, and morning services to allow shelter guests to shower and have a cup of coffee.


The goal of Safe Space Shelter is to create pathways toward a better community, with a specific focus of not only providing a safe place for community members to sleep, but also a safe place to refocus in the morning, connect with supportive services (healthcare, warrant forgiveness, outreach providers), and to create a plan for making today better than yesterday. Ultimately, Safe Space Shelter aims to help community members enter long-term stability.


Safe Space Shelter has a low barrier to entry; all that is needed is a referral from our referring service providers who make contact with people in need of shelter on the trains, busses, streets late at night, urban campsites, and those who could not get a permanent shelter bed through the lottery system. Safe Space Shelter provides equal space for all gender identities and finds ways to bridge the gap between homelessness and housing stability.


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Safe Space Shelter

160 East Kellogg Boulevard

St. Paul, MN 55101


Phone: 651-266-4483


10:00PM – 9:00AM Nightly.


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