Pre-Purchase Counseling

Do you have a goal to purchase a home? We can help! Another service added to the holistic approach is pre-purchase counseling. This service is available to anyone who is interested in understanding the home buying process. A Homeownership Advisor meets with households to analyze their income, credit, debt and work history and develops a strategy to assist them in overcoming home ownership obstacles.

Additionally, anyone who attends one of our Home Stretch classes is encouraged to participate in Model Cities’ individualized pre-purchase counseling sessions. These one-on-one sessions are FREE and held in a confidential setting. Topics include:

  • Determining what you can afford
  • Developing a budget and savings plan
  • Finding the right mortgage product for your needs
  • Reviewing your credit report and addressing credit problems that could prevent you from getting a mortgage (slight fee to pull credit report)
  • Creating a customized Action Plan with a specific, manageable steps to help you achieve your goals


Documentation usually required for a home buyer preparation appointment will include current pay stubs for your most recent months of employment, two years tax returns and W-2s, credit information (if applicable), and three months of bank statements. Additional information may be required.


**HUD approved Local Housing Counseling Agency (LHCA)


To get started, sign up below or contact us at (651) 632-8345 to schedule a free, individualized, confidential counseling session. Register below for our next FREE Information Session in November or December.

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