PRESS RELEASE: Model Cities BROWNstone Open House


Kizzy Downie, Chief Executive Officer





St. Paul, Minnesota (August 7, 2018) – Model Cities will host an Open House Event to introduce the community to its new BROWNstone Building.


The open house will be held on Thursday, August 23, 2018, from 5:00 pm – 7:30pm and will feature special remarks from local public officials, tours, refreshments, and much more.


About the BROWNstone Building

After several years of strategic and financial planning, Model Cities completed its BROWNstone development project in October 2017. The BROWNstone building, “BROWN” being an acronym for Business Revitalization and Ownership for a Working Neighborhood, is a mixed use facility with 35 units of affordable housing in addition to 20,000 square feet of commercial space.  The arrangement can host up to five small businesses, including restaurants, office and retail space. The interior is accented by a colorful floor mural greeting guests at the main entrance.


Additionally, one focal point of the BROWNstone building is its Reading Room. The artistic and cultural space presents itself complete with artwork, information, and even artifacts related to the history and legacy of African American railroad workers. In addition to providing the community with a place to learn about this local history, the Reading Room is also a draw for people supporting the businesses located in the building.


Another element to the presentation of the BROWNstone building is the outdoor “pocket park” space with a standalone artwork exhibit entitled Service to Solidarity which highlights the legacy of the Pullman Porters in a series of sculptures.


What:              Model Cities BROWNstone Open House Event

When:             Thursday, August 23, 2018, 5 PM to 7:30 PM

Where:            Model Cities BROWNstone, 839 University Ave W, St. Paul, MN 55104

                            (Northeast corner of University Avenue and Victoria Street)




About Model Cities of St. Paul
For 51 years Model Cities has been helping individuals and families in Saint Paul advance their lives by providing pathways to social and economic prosperity. Approximately 1,000 people are served each year by Model Cities programs and services. Most of the families receiving social services, mental health, and crisis intervention services are from low-income or poverty-level households supported by income maintenance programs.  Model Cities has taken the task of investing in the community to more than just real estate but social and cultural enrichment as well.



Reading Room Promotional Photograph.


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