Thank you for signing up for the HomeStretch Workshop!
All classes will be held virtually via Zoom and In-Person. The classes with a * (asterisk) are held in-person.

Please click the button below which corresponds to your selected Workshop to complete the required registration form. You must verify your signature on the form in order to get access to the workshop.



Sunday, February 19th



Saturday, March 11th



Sunday, april 16th



Saturday, May 7th*



Saturday, June 10th*



Saturday, June 25th*



Please check your email for a confirmation from your Housing Counselor.


Cancellations of Sponsored Workshops
There may be times when unforeseen circumstances arise and households cannot attend a workshop. In this event, a service fee of $20 will be required if a household needs to cancel an existing registration for a FREE (sponsored) workshop and move it to another FREE (sponsored) workshop date.  A minimum 5-day notice is required so we can reallocate your place to another household.   Also note, registration for a new workshop is not guaranteed and is subject to availability of space.


If a less than 5-day notice is provided, households will be subject to a $40 registration fee (per household) for any subsequent workshops they are registered to attend (even if the workshop is offered at no cost).   A full payment of the service fee or registration fee MUST be made to Model Cities upon completion of the workshop by the household and before a Certificate of Completion can be provided.