Suite 105 – Bougies Boutique

Unique clothing and community enrichment without breaking the bank.


Bougies Boutique’s new home at the BROWNstone on University Avenue opens up unique and stylish clothing options that will not break the bank. Their one-of-a-kind style matches their distinctive type of operation. More the clothing or even a lifestyle, Bougies is committed to benefiting the community here in Frogtown much like Model Cities itself; Bougies is known for their “Bougified makeovers” where one deserving customer from any walk of life can be nominated for a full makeover at no cost, from head-to-toe from their store, complete with a personal consultation from the owner, who is herself requested regularly for her genuine fashion and style tips.

Additionally, Bougies works for the community with fundraisers, pop-up shops, and garnering community awareness and presence. The latest iteration of Bougies Boutique is a welcome partner for the BROWNstone as their culturally informed eye for flair is used for the benefit not just of the business and customers, but with broader aspirations of advancing the Frogtown neighborhood.


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Contact Information

Bougies Facebook Page

Phone: (651)330-3834


Business Hours: 

Sunday           12pm-5pm
Monday          10am-5pm
Tuesday         10am-8pm
Wednesday    10am-8pm
Thursday        10am-8pm
Friday              10am-8pm
Saturday         12pm-8pm