Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (J.D.A.I.)

Model Cities in partnership with Ramsey County Community Corrections is working to improve public safety and long-term outcomes for juveniles in Ramsey County. Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiatives (JDAI), a nationally recognized, evidence-based project has a proven track record of reducing unnecessary reliance on secure detention in a wide range of jurisdictions across the nation. Model Cities offers one effective detention alternatives for juveniles who should not be held in secure detention:

  • Community Coaches is a collaborative made up of community-based organizations and individual contractors working together to provide a short-term referral source for probation for those youth who are at risk of a probation violation. The primary role of the community coach is to intervene with youth who are already involved in criminal behavior in an effort to prevent repeat behavior or escalation. A community coach should not be mistaken for a probation officer but will work with youth, parents, and probation to ensure that youth comply with their court appearance requirements.