Families First Apartments

Families First Supportive Housing (FFSH) provides safe, affordable, permanent supportive housing for homeless single-parent families who are homeless with a chronic disability. Many of the heads-of-household are recovering from a chemical addiction. Given the complexity of the issues facing families, FFSH offers a delivery system that is comprehensive and multi-disciplinary in scope, and uses case management to ensure continuity of client services.

Families residing in FFSH work toward achieving three specific goals:

  • Residential stability by remaining in permanent housing and reducing the risk of future episodes of homelessness;
  • Increased Employability and income through continuing education, job training and employment.
  • Greater self-determination by maintaining sobriety, learning to manage personal finances, and improving independent living skills.

FFSH is composed of three sites, located within a 1 mile radius of each other and in close proximity to Model Cities’ central offices. The three sites altogether make up 21 two, three, and four bedroom units. FFSH is subsidized by the Saint Paul Housing Authority’s Project-Based Assistance (PBA) program, and therefore families only pay 30% of their annual household income towards rent.


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