Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention targets families who live in Ramsey County and with whom there is a child at risk of out-of-home placement or in the process of family reunification. Specifically, the program works to control or eliminate the risk factors that families face, stabilizing the family and maintaining or reestablishing family cohesion. These services are tailored to meet the immediate needs of the family or adult, and are intended to reduce the number of out-of-home placements, increase family stability, and preserve the family unit.

Through its partnership with Ramsey County Community Human Services, Model Cities accepts referral for the following short-term programs:

  • Families First Crisis Intervention program (FFCI)-provides short-term (4-6 weeks), intensive (5 hours face-to-face per week) home-based intervention services and 24-hour case management.  Focuses on single or recurrent problems that are overwhelming or traumatic. Families receive immediate assessments, crisis counseling and necessary follow-up to promote resolution.
  • Family Assessment Response – a mandated alternative to traditional child protection services.  Case managers work with families to ensure the safety of children, help preserve the family, and prevent child maltreatment.
  • Family Community Partnership- a voluntary program to assists low-income families with identifying community resources to meet their basic needs.