Pre-Purchase Counseling


Do you have a goal to purchase a home…We can Help!

Pre-purchase Counseling
Another service added to the holistic approach is Pre-purchase Counseling.  This service is available to anyone who is interested in understanding the home buying process.  A Homeownership Advisor meets with households to analyze their income, credit, debt and work history and develops a strategy to assist them in overcoming home ownership obstacles. To achieve home ownership, additional referrals may be made to counseling resources, mortgage lenders and other real estate professionals.  Additionally, anyone who attends one of our Home Stretch classes is encouraged to participate in Model Cities’ individualized pre-purchase counseling sessions.  These one-on-one sessions are FREE and held in a confidential setting.  Topics include:

  • Determining what you can afford
  • Developing a budget and savings plan
  • Finding the right mortgage product for your needs
  • Reviewing your credit report and addressing credit problems that could prevent you from getting a mortgage (slight fee to pull credit report)
  • Creating a customized Action Plan with specific, manageable steps to help you achieve your goals

Documentation usually required for a home buyer preparation appointment will include current pay stubs for your most recent months of employment, two years tax returns and W-2s, credit information (if applicable), and three months of bank statements. Additional information may be required.

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