Board & Staff

2017 Board of Directors


Francis Green, Chairperson
Francis Green Law

Brenda Bailey, Vice Chairperson

Peter May, Treasurer
Sunrise Banks

Beverley Oliver Hawkins, Ph.D, Secretary
Model Cities, Inc.



Judith Aminmentse
Salvation Army

Brenda Bolar-Ford

Mary Kuria

Mike LaFave
Independent Consultant

Juliet Mitchell
Independent Consultant

Marilyn Porter
Metro Transit

Osborne Strickland
Nonprofit Director

Jamie Waterhouse
Western Bank


Management staff

Chief Executive Officer
Beverley Oliver Hawkins, Ph.D

Director of Community Services
Kizzy Downie

Family Support Services Manager

Youth Services Manager
Reginald Glass

Property Manager
Gillian Onyango

Facilities Manager
Kris Hagan

Accounting Manager
Walter Ta

Office Manager
Kia  Yang